The Clock’s Running on Your 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit!

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offered by the federal government offers benefits to a very wide group of people. Home owners, commercial entities, the solar industry (and the overall economy itself) have gained from a 30% solar credit. But unless our government votes to renew it, when 2016 ends the commercial solar credit will be reduced from 30% to 10%. In addition, the residential solar credit will go from 30% to zero. You read that right. 10% and zero. What that really means is – there is likely to be a big increase in the demand of solar power systems. Many previously undecided or non-committal customers are likely to try and get their solar systems installed before the expiration of this credit.

What should you do? 1. Fight. 2. Don’t wait to get solar!

Check out CalSEIA’s (California Solar Energy Industries Association) efforts to save the ITCl. Today, California’s solar industry employs 50,000 people-more than the investor owned utilities combined! It also allows so many of us to save money while contributing positively to the environment. The CalSEIA Campaign Strategy Room has many ways you can do your part to fight the expiration of this credit.

And if you’re thinking of getting solar, don’t get caught up in the Black Friday-like panic in the second half of the year. Solar planning, permitting, installation, and operational approval are all areas that can get seriously delayed if there is a rush on the system. Plan now. Purchase now. And importantly, lock in your ITC savings now!