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We Recycle the Sun…So Can You!

Happy America Recycles Day– A nationally recognized day and community-driven awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling. Let’s all do our part!

Every now and then we have to pat ourselves on the …

Every now and then we have to pat ourselves on the back. We work very hard to maintain an extremely high standard of service, installs and customer support, so it means a lot to us when it gets noticed.

As of today, our team at CSE is proud to have been selected for the 2016 Solarize Ventura, Solarize Santa Barbara and Solarize Ojai/Santa Clara River Valley programs!!! Standing out in each area amongst the many new solar electric companies shows us that our 15 plus years of experience continues to pay off!

Find out more about all the local solarize programs:
Community Environmental Council (CEC) #solarize, #solar

Sun-powered Solar Impulse plane crosses Atlantic

Sun-powered Solar Impulse plane crosses Atlantic! This is so very impressive.
The sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 plane arrived safely in Seville, Spain, early Thursday, after a flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The non-stop, 4,000-mile trip began in New York City on Monday and took three days and three nights (71 hours and 8 minutes) to complete.

The Solar Impulse team said this was one of the most challenging legs in its more than year-long trek around the world without using any jet fuel or emitting pollution.

It was the first-ever electric, solar and emission-free transatlantic flight, the Solar Impulse team said.

#solar #solarimpulse Read more about this technological feat here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/sciencefair/2016/06/23/sun-powered-solar-impulse-plane-atlantic/86283454/

California Powers to Record Solar Levels

In 2015 Californians proved once again that they know what to do with the abundance of sunshine our state gets—we put it to work! More than doubling the nation’s total, California added more than 20,000 new solar jobs in 2015…. Read more »

How Do Solar Panels Actually Function?

Everyone has a general sense of how solar installations work. The sun gives off energy that solar panels on your roof then convert into electricity for your home or office. But what is the actual process? Is it overly complicated… Read more »