The Next Step in Your Solar Lifestyle: A Solar Vehicle

Between solar vehicles and electric vehicles charged by your solar panels, there are lots of ways to add your driving to your solar lifestyle.


Solar Vehicles

Solar vehicles are much like ordinary run-of-the-mill vehicles, except they are powered entirely or in large part by solar energy. In most cases, photovoltaic (PV) cells, found in solar panels, convert the energy provided from the sun into usable electric energy. Solar cells will typically convert twenty percent of the sunlight hitting them into electricity to power your vehicle. If your vehicle is running while this is taking place, the electricity channeled through your electric motor will instantly power your vehicle. If your vehicle is powered off, the electricity is used to charge your battery pack for later use.


What are some benefits? First and foremost, zero emissions. Solar vehicles are powered with electric motors, meaning they do not burn any fuel. You’ll also be conserving resources with a solar vehicle. Because solar vehicles do not use fuel or require regular oil changes, they are not dependent upon petroleum products. Lastly, and probably the most important, solar vehicles don’t require gas or diesel so you will not have to succumb to the rising prices of these fuels.


Electric Vehicles

Not ready to hop in a solar vehicle and hit the road? Why not try an electric vehicle? Models by Ford and Tesla are becoming increasingly popular– and they even look cool to drive. If you’ve already taken the leap with solar panels, you can enjoy the convenience of charging at home with your personal PV array and PV battery bank. No more trips to the gas station or annoying gas leaks on your driveway. And while the initial costs might seem somewhat overwhelming, the amount of money you’ll end up saving from having solar panels would actually end up covering most of the charges of the car anyway. And there’s always the environmental benefits to win you over.



SunPower’s Drive Green For Life

California Solar Electric has partnered with SunPower’s Green For Life Program to encourage people to drive green for life. You can now enjoy even more savings through your SunPower system and charge your Ford battery-electric or Plug-In Hybrid vehicle. On top of this, for each solar system installed, SunPower will donate $500 to the Sierra Club to help support their programs, including advocacy for clean-energy solutions and electric vehicle initiatives. For more on this offer, click here.


We can install an optimized charging system, which will be designed and installed for your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid model. Whether it’s a Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, Tesla or other EVs, we’ll ensure your solar power station is compatible with automotive standards and electrical codes. Don’t want a charging station? Not a problem. You can power your house with solar and charge your car with a rooftop or ground mount installation. Simply plug into the wall and start charging off the sun.



Thinking of going solar? Don’t forget to let your rep know that you’re interested in solar vehicles as well. In fact, talk to one of our representatives today and get your free quote below.

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