The Pros and Cons of Solar Electricity

A house in Ojai, CA that house solar panels installed on the roof.Advantages

Free and Unlimited Energy
Solar energy is an absolutely free, abundant, and renewable source of energy. It takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from the sun to us, even though it’s coming from 90 million miles away. Take advantage of this and use as much as you can – we promise it won’t run out.

Solar Jobs
The solar industry has created hundreds of thousands of stable jobs, and continues to grow at an impressive pace. This is because solar is more labor intensive than other fossil fuel industries. Solar creates more jobs and boosts our economy.

Long-Term Savings
Savings, savings, and more savings. The potential return on investment makes going solar worth it. Whether it’s in lower utility payments, increased home value, or cutting your trips to the gas pump, savings options are expected when installing solar systems.


Initial Cost
Some people considering investing in solar are intimidated by the initial installation costs. However, as the industry grows, panel costs are falling and more financing options are being offered.  If you aren’t ready to purchase your system outright, there are many other options through leases and loans. And in a few years, this perceived downside recoups into an overwhelming upside.

Location and Space
Fitting the best size system into the best sun gathering location on your roof can be a challenge. While these aspects are crucial to the production of your solar installation, we’ve installed so many systems, we sure to have options you haven’t even thought of. Don’t let this challenge stop you until you’ve talked it through with an experienced rep.

Some argue that solar systems aren’t reliable because they are completely dependent on the sun. But there is a reason why grey countries like Germany lead in solar energy production! Solar companies take into consideration fluctuations in temperature, light, and seasonality. Product-wise, a basic PV module can last more than 30 years with little maintenance, and most system problems occur because of poor installation. That makes going with an experienced reputable company like California Solar Electric another big advantage!