About California Solar Electric

Solar company van driving down the highway in the Central Valley, CA.Southern California’s remarkable number of clear sunny days and its east-west lines of latitude make it a great natural receptor bowl for solar energy. “We have the potential to become the solar capital of California,” says Don “Cam” Campbell. “Your community could certainly produce most of its own electric power and become a model for energy sustainability.” A father of three, “I’m doing it for our children’s sake,” he says. “Sustainable business and energy practices are the only way our world is going to make it.”

California Solar Electric (CSE) works towards its goal of positively impacting Southern California’s energy future by focusing on each and every CSE customer’s happiness with their choice to go solar. Years after installation, the company strives to have its customers to be as excited about their solar system as they were the day installation was completed. CSE believes integrity in what they propose, high quality installations,  long-term system reliable service, and the safety of all workers and clients are the key to achieving this level of customer satisfaction.

Campbell is proud to run California Solar Electric  with one of his children, his daughter Chelsea, managing the business by his side. The rest of the CSE team are similarly rooted in and passionate about Southern California. They are dedicated to the goal of being a community catalyst for a sustainable future with education, promotion, and installation of clean, renewable power from the sun. Equipped with a diverse background of skills and education, from the office to the rooftop, everyone takes part in the decision making and leadership which makes the team efficient. Off duty, CSE employees are often seen in the area enjoy time spent outdoors, participating in community events, and embracing the company of their families and friends.

The California Solar Electric team is dedicated to providing high quality on and off-grid customer service using the latest most efficient solar electric and battery storage technology on the market. One of only a handful of Elite SunPower dealers in the world, and now well on their way to becoming THE regional resource for on and off grid PV+Battery backup system integration, the entire CSE staff loves what they do and where they do it.

Looking for a dedicated team of easygoing experts willing and able to design and install state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions for your property? Say hello to California Solar Electric of Ojai.