Most Frequently Asked Questions When Going Solar (Part 1 of 2)

Like any purchasing decision, going solar requires research. Here at California Solar Electric, we want to make this purchasing decision as stress-free as possible. Below is part one of a two part most frequently asked questions that should ease your buying nerves.


  1. What are the costs of a solar system?

The cost of solar varies depending on the amount of energy you wish to produce. However, the installation is the only real cost of going solar. Additionally, there are many financial incentives for going solar. Many companies offer a variety of payment plans to help you afford your system. Through Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) you are able to easily finance your new solar system. Here at California Solar Electric, we provide everything from solar loans to $0 down leases and PPAs with low monthly payments.


  1. How am I saving by going solar?

The more electricity you use, the more you save when you go solar. The difference lies in your electricity bill. The higher your bill the more you will. Many people lease their solar systems, which means that instead of paying for utility you are paying less to produce your own energy.


  1. How long will my solar system last?

Generally speaking, your solar system will last between 20 to over 25 years. Solar panels will lose about .5% to no more than 1% conversion efficiency annually. Typically only the inverter will need to be replaced in your system. Check with different companies to learn more about the warranties they offer. Here at California Solar Electric, we offer a 10-year warranty on installation and inverters.


  1. What is the actual performance once installed?

Your actual performance is measured by operational wattage used and depends on the size of your system. Many systems will only produce a portion of your home’s required power so that you can continue to add as you see fit. You can check your actual performance once installed by viewing your electric bills before and after. Usually, the larger your electric bill was the greater your return on investment will be with solar panels.



Stay tuned for part 2 of our frequently asked questions. Need more information while you wait? Download our Free 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions eBook!

Solar Frequently Asked Questions