Customer Reviews


– Stan Hatch, Santa Barbara

“I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge displayed by the representatives of California Solar Electric when I invited them to bid on my solar installation. They were very responsive and worked with me to make the necessary modifications, which made the large, 32-solar panel installation an integral and unobtrusive part of our home. The system is essentially invisible unless someone gets up on a ladder for a closer look.

"I was very pleased with the entire experience.”

April 2017 – Charles Spink
Santa Paula, CA
We were alerted to the high quality of CSE's work and services via the Santa Barbara based Community Environmental Council (CEC), who thoroughly vetted and identified the two best solar companies to do business with in our area. CSE designed a custom system to meet our needs and conditions that had several trees limiting exposure. They were always helpful throughout the process, and did all the permitting, installing the units in less than a day! I don't think I've worked with a nicer bunch of people. They really know what they're doing.

January 2017 – Charles Barnett
Ojai, CA
Great. No problems. On budget, on schedule. System works great.

October 2016 – Hap Freund
Santa Barbara, CA
Perfect. Clear proposal and in-person explanation of alternatives; great answers to our questions; clean and prompt installation; courteous, responsive, reliable; would strongly recommend them!
Santa Barbara, CA

– Barbara Tucker, Ojai

“Super happy with our SPR system, the CSE crew, and very happy with Roger ’s presentation and careful guidance thru the project. Love the guilt free A/C we now enjoy with our solar savings.”

“Our last bill was $3.97! Everything is working fine here regarding our ­solar.”

Peggy Harris, Ventura

April 2007 - Jonathan R.
Ojai, CA
I had a great experience working with them. Roger, Kris, Steve—everyone that I dealt with was responsive, informed and helpful. I received quotes from multiple vendors and was most impressed with California Solar Electric. The quality of the hardware surpassed that of the others and the price was very competitive. The install was quick and everything has been working perfectly. It was a very easy process, no pressure to buy, and I would absolutely select them again.

April 2017 - Charles S.
We were directed to Cal Solar Electric by the good people at Santa Barbara's CEC (Community Environmental Council) who vetted the area's best solar companies. We selected Cal Solar, one of the two recommended by CEC, and have nothing but high praise for every part of the design/install process with them. I can't imagine how it could have gone better. Everyone at Cal Solar was just a pleasure to work with, and the install crew completed the 10-panel installation in less than a day. This was a piece of cake, which we can make more of in our double ovens now that electricity is cheap!!! Ha ha ha! We've got NRG on the ropes!

February 2016 - Joe D.
Camarillo, CA
Just had our system installed. Very happy with it. Guys were very nice and professional. They even put up with our dogs stealing their tools right from under them. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar system.

Home Solar Installation in Ojai, Leite Residence
– Leite, Solvang

“I selected California Solar Electric after attending a workshop by Solarize Santa Ynez Valley in Solvang. I was impressed by the answers that Tom and Sam gave to the questions posed by myself and several of the other attendees. The crew did a great job on our installation. They had even thought to bring matching paint for the exposed conduit leading to the panels. When they finished each day they cleaned up so there was no debris left behind. The CSE team answered all my questions and explained how to operate the system. We would definitely recommend them to anyone contemplating a new solar system.”

April 2017
Just can’t imagine how this would have gone smoother! In our area, Santa Barbara’s Community Environmental Council (CEC) vetted the area's best solar installers, and we went with California Solar Electric, one of their two choices. From design to power-up, everything was easy-peasy; the process to install 10 panels took less than a day. We’re now going head-to-head with NRG!

October 2016
By far the best honest straightforward bid. The timing was exactly on schedule, the installation was fast clean and efficient. They were testing the new system within three days of showing up. We added a 12-panel system to our existing system.

April 2015
General contractor John Puccetti
We spent months deciding on which installer would be the best fit for our church. California Solar had the most cost effective plan. We had 65 panels and three inverters that should produce 18.2K. From start to finish I found them very professional. I would recommend them for any project small or large.

July 2016 – Steve Rothstein
Santa Barbara, CA
The installation crew was very professional and easy to work with. The web interface for the system is excellent and provides more detail than solar installations of most people I know. The proportion of our electric needs that the panels were supposed to provide was 87% and the actual proportion it did supply in the first year of use was actually slightly higher than that, about 90%. Overall, I was very pleased with California Solar Electric.

January 2017 - Charles B.
Ojai, CA
I could not be any more pleased with California Solar Electric. They provided superior service from the bid thru the installation and paperwork. Josh the project manager was good with communication and Steve and Alex took care of the electrician duties. Alex was very careful to install the necessary conduit in a professional and esthetically pleasing manner. As I will be looking at his work every day, it’s nice to have it look good.

September 2016 – Judah Kuper
Ventura, CA
I did a lot of shopping around, starting with the big national companies first. After I had those bids I looked through a lot of reviews to get a couple local companies to give me a bid. I expected the smaller local guys to be able to give me better tech but cost more. I was very pleasantly surprised to get better tech and a better price from California Solar Electric. Dealing with Tom and everybody else was way better of an experience than with the big guys and I was able to really geek out and look at lots of different options before deciding on what was really best for me. Josh, Alex and the rest of the installation crew were knowledgeable efficient and in general just did a fantastic job. The permits and inspections were a breeze. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. Also it’s nice to know they are monitoring my system on a daily basis and always readily available and nearby. I highly recommend this company.

Carpinteria, CA
They did a very good job with the plans to determine what I needed, where the panels should go and with the installation. The whole team couldn't have been nicer--each and every one of them. The hard part was getting the permits from the city—they make it so difficult—but the team was on it. I can't believe that my electric bill was pennies this month!! It was so worth it.

September 2015 - Robert W. G.
Ventura, CA
I was referred to California Solar Electric by the City of Ventura's, Solarize Ventura Program, and by a relative that has a large array in Ojai that powers his CNC machine shop.

The solar consultant that contacted us was Roger, and he was a pleasure to deal with. He came to our house and gathered all the information needed, such as roof size, past energy usage etc. Within a few days I had received a very detailed proposal which included charts and graphs explaining how going solar would be beneficial. Even though our electricity bill was not that much each month, my wife and I decided that we wanted to go solar to make a statement, and do our part to fight Global Warming.

We agreed to their proposal to have eight of their highest efficiency solar panels installed on our roof. Josh was the project manager and very knowledgeable. The two technicians were Cody and Mike and they were skilled craftsmen, and the job was flawless. We also had a monitoring system installed so you can monitor real time how much energy you are producing! The installed panels are actually quite beautiful. The installation passed inspection easily and after only a week Edison approved the system and we fired it up! It Lives!!!!

We are lucky to live in an area where we have lots of sun. My advice is the sun is free, make your own energy. If every roof in the USA had solar panels installed, we would be in a lot better shape than we are now! We've done our part what about you? California Solar Electric exceeded our expectations, and we are proud to wholeheartedly endorse them for your solar project!

California Solar Electric did an excellent job throughout the project at our house. From the straightforward sales meeting to scheduling to installation to approvals to SOLAR ENERGY! They followed through and did everything they had committed to. They were very friendly and courteous to work with. They very flexible with the placement of the equipment and met our schedule. Overall they earned an "A" grade.

June 2015 - Scott R.
Westlake Village, CA
I am a project manager for a mid sized company. We were looking to install a solar system at the office as well as at the company's owners house so it was a liSle complicated especially since this was my first involvement with a solar project. It was a pleasure working with California Solar Electric. Dan and Josh were very responsive and quite detailed in answering all of my ques?ons. They did an excellent job explaining the products, process, and details. I would highly recommend giving them a shot at your business. You will not be disappointed.

June 2016 - Mark M.
Ventura, CA
We were very happy with the solar installation at our home by California Solar Electric, led by Dan Maher and Josh Cauley, and 100% recommend CSE. They have the best customer service ever, and we also loved that they're local to our Ventura home, based in Ojai. We were unimpressed (even put-off) by the marketing and proposal efforts by at least 3 other companies before we luckily found out that CSE had been vetted by the City of Ventura in 2014 to be one of just two companies selected by the Solarize Ventura program.

From CSE's professional proposal (offering a choice of SunPower or SolarWorld panels) to their installation and follow up, they didn't miss a beat. I won't go into all of the details here, but when there was a non-trivial issue with our roof after the installation of our solar system, Dan again surpassed our expectations with his communication and project management, taking responsibility on behalf of his company. Dan wrote, "This is the right thing to do given the circumstances, and despite the occasional problems that inevitably arise when interacting with reality, you can count on me to at least do the right thing when given the appropriate insight and opportunity." It is increasingly rare to find honesty and performance like that in today's business world, so needless to say, we are strong advocates for CSE, their employees and work are among the finest!

June 2016 - Harvey F.
Beverly Hills, CA
We had an excellent experience at CSE from our initial meetings with Tom Burt thru the preparation of the roof and installation of our SunPower panels with Josh Cauley. Very professional. The system was turned on at the beginning of Sept 2015, so we're just completing our first year and we're hoping to finish at least 85 to 90% off the grid. If we didn't have so much June Gloom through May and June, we would certainly have done better. I think it worth mentioning that we live in LA and even though CSE is in Ojai, they showed up everyday bright and early for the install. For example, when there was a problem getting our SolarEdge inverters to communicate over Wi-Fi, they were back down right away to install it via Ethernet. We are pleased to recommend the whole team at CSE.