Financing Solar

Saving money by installing solar on your house.No matter the installation costs, the cost of not using solar is higher. If your average home power bill is $150 dollars per month, you’ll spend $1,800 dollars each year on power and $18,000 dollars for power over the next 10 years, not including annual power rate hikes. With average payoff periods ranging from 2-15 years, the cost of a solar energy system is minimal when you figure the system begins saving you money even before it is fully paid off.

Financing options are also better than they were in the past. There are lease, loan, and power purchase agreement and PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) options for paying for your installation. Which one is better for you may vary depending on the size unit you need, the plans you have for your home, or simply the reason you are installing a system. Qualified solar representatives like ours can answer all your questions–from technical to financial projections–and help you pick the right financial option for you to begin earning solar rewards as quickly as possible.

Solar installation is a great value today:
• Due to demand and technology improvements, average price of a solar panel dropped almost 60% since 2011
• Most solar energy systems are warranted for 10 to 15 years, sometimes 25 years when purchased from a reputable company
• The expected lifetime of a quality solar system is 40 to 50 years