5 Questions to Ask a Solar Rep

Solar contractors and housing contractors discussing and planning a solar installation in Ojai, CA.Before you hire a solar representative, here are some questions to ask to ensure you’re hiring experienced installers who can do top quality work.

1. How many installations have you completed? A good baseline for a reputable company is at least 50 successful installs to show they know what they are doing. They should also have references to prove that their previous customers agree!

2. Are your installers fully trained and licensed? Be weary of large companies hiring temporary sub contractors to install your panels. The efficiency of an install increases with experienced workers who are well familiar with the product and legal standards to be met for correct installation.

3. Is your company locally owned and operated? Locally owned and operated companies, like us, provide the same package as larger companies but with more reliability, hands on attention, and knowledge of local area requirements. As an added bonus, because we are local we keep our dollars in our home state.

4. Who is your supplier? Cheaply made panels will not get you the estimated return on investment. At California Solar Electric we use SunPower products, known to be top of the line with unparalleled performance. We also support US manufacturing and offer Solar World’s high quality products– the only completely made in America panel.

5. Will you be handling all of my paperwork? Don’t get left with piles of challenging paperwork to manage on your own. A full service solar company will help you with the many applications and forms for permits, financial incentives, net metering and more. California Solar Electric is a turnkey solar service provider. With us you only have to sign on the dotted line.

As you invest in your home, make sure the company you choose for your solar installation is also worthy of your investing in them.