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(above) First Month Usage After Solar Panel Installation
(below) Two Previous Months Before Solar Panel Installation

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Check out my first full month SCE bill after activating my solar system. Also, see the total usage profile by day for the billing period from the SCE website.

You can see that I had a small net generation surplus of 12 kwh during the month, and that surplus plus the impact of time of use rating got me to a net monthly credit of $27.35 (see page 4 of the bill).  During the partial billing period prior to this month (the stub period from system go to the end of last month’s billing period) I had a net bill of $26.81, which is the result of it being cloudy/rainy part of that time, as I recall.  So from the date the system was turned on, my net cumulative bill is a whopping $-0.54!

If you look at the total use by day graphic from SCE, you can see the days where my total use exceeds generation tend to be weekends.  That’s because we drive the car a lot more on those days, and we do more around the house, cook in our electric oven, entertain, etc.  And we actually drove the car a lot during this past month, so covering that usage is pretty impressive.

So far I’m 100% satisfied with this system!  You guys did a great job, I think the system components I chose make the most sense, and other than SCE being SCE it was a good experience.  I’m super glad I chose you guys, and as I said, you get a recommendation to all my friends.

Thank you California Solar Electric!

John Gilner, Santa Barbara