Solar Installs for Schools

Green By Example

A child playing outside of their solar powered school in Ojai, CA.Solar electricity is a natural for schools systems, and we’ve been proud to be the installers for many satisfied educational institutions. Here’s why they did it and why you should consider it for your school:

• General fund savings – Once installed, your solar panel system will continue to produce power indefinitely, decreasing the annual energy cost and freeing up money in the general school fund.

• Promotes energy independence – Contributing towards local renewable energy sources saves money, reduces your carbon footprint, and increases social awareness.

• Provides a learning opportunity for students – installing a solar panel system educates students by example. Solar provides a tangible on-site learning opportunity and guides students to plan responsibly for their future.

Funding for K-12 Solar Projects

There are a number of specific options for financing solar projects in schools. Contact us for more details on which ones could apply to your school.

  • • Public Financing – General Obligation Bonds, COPs/Lease Revenue Bonds or Tax Credit Bonds

  • • Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) – Financed by a third part

  • • Leasing Solar Panels