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2015 was a record year in the solar industry–and …

2015 was a record year in the solar industry–and California led the way! Did you know:

-Approximately one in three solar employees work in California
– California boasts more workers in solar than in the state’s five largest utility companies combined
– Over 75,000 workers proudly call solar their industry
– Since 2012 half the states in the country have at least doubled their solar workforce
– Nationwide, the total number of solar industry jobs increased to almost 209,000 workers.

From the California Solar Electric family, we hope …

From the California Solar Electric family, we hope you and yours have had a satisfying year and are looking forward to a brilliant 2016.

…Speaking of brilliant…does your 2016 look sunny and powerful? Is it green and good for the environment around you? If you were on the fence about solar in 2015, with the sweeping wins our industry had in December in maintaining huge advantages of solar electricity such as net metering and income tax credits, this is the perfect time to add this benefit to you new year’s resolution list!

Talk to us about the turnkey options we have from installation to financing. We’ll help you step into 2016 with less of a carbon footprint and more green in your pocket!


December 18th the U.S. Congress passed a …

December 18th the U.S. Congress passed a multi-year extension of the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC. ) The policy received broad bipartisan support by California’s congressional delegation and was backed by consumers from farmers in the Central Valley to high tech in Silicon Valley.

The 30% federal tax credit for homeowners and businesses had been scheduled to expire at the end of 2016. With urging from individuals, organizations, delegations and our active solar industry, congress members were made aware of the impact losing the credit would have on our economy and environment. Congress listened! The provision in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, passed by Congress this morning, will extend the credit through 2021 with a gradual ramp down starting in 2019.

California’s solar industry employs 54,000 people statewide and has brought nearly $12 billion in investments to California in 2014. Policies such as the ITC policies have enabled the growth of local solar businesses and reduced energy costs for homeowners, businesses, schools and farmers across the state.

Thanks to all, including our congressional delegation, who fought so hard to keep this tax credit and in doing so, the future of our industry strong!