An Airport Run 100% on Solar

Hesitant about getting solar for your home? Maybe this will inspire you–the world’s first airport run 100% on solar! Like many Americans who have converted their homes and businesses to solar, Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India has achieved this goal and rid itself of its electric bills, generating the 48,000-50,000 kilowatts of power that the airport requires to run each day from a solar field of 46,000 panels.  It also produces more energy than it needs and pushes the rest back to the state power grid to be banked for for rainy days and night time requirements.

The airport is the seventh busiest in India and handles more than 1,000 flights a week. Airport authorities began augmenting the airport’s power sources in 2013 with 400 roof panels. The current full solar plant is built on 45-acres of unused land and cost $9.5 million. A cost the airport management team expects to recoup in its entirety in six years!  

And they’re not done yet. Plans to add a new international wing will require more energy than what the existing plant is generating. So additional solar panels will have to be set up if the authorities wants to hang onto the honor of being the world’s  “first fully solar powered airport.” solar airport 1solar airport 2