Your Potential ROI

2.3_Tert_Advantages_Inset_Couple_Solar_House2Obviously, the more cost effective your solar system and the more expensive your electric bill, the higher your return on investment (ROI). But other combinations of these five factors can also influence projected returns. We work one on one with our clients to look at their unique situation and devise an installation strategy to maximize future rewards.

While Californians pay higher than national average utility bills, California utility customers can benefit from net energy metering (NEM). NEM provides credits for the electricity their PV systems generate. The meter tracks how much electricity is consumed by the customer and how much excess solar energy their system sends to the utility grid. Customers earn a credit for the difference! Whether settling the difference monthly or over a 12-month period, California customers only pay for the net amount of electricity used from the utility, plus the usual fees and taxes.

NEM optimizes and tracks the ROI your solar investment:
Allows customers to zero-out their energy costs
Qualifies customers for credits at retail rates
Provides customers with annual excess generation and consumption data