Green Energy Solutions

Going on a bicycle ride in Ojai, CA underneath solar panels.The combined efforts of so many homes and businesses converting to solar result in benefits for our climate, health, and economy including:

  • • Little or no global warming emissions.
    Mostly fueled by coal or natural gas power plants, electricity production accounts for more than ⅓ of the US’s warming emissions. Renewable energy sources like solar produce little to none of these.
  • • Improved environmental quality and public health. Wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions.
  • • An inexhaustible energy supply.
    Sunny skies provide a vast and constantly replenished energy resource supply.
  • • Jobs and Other Economic Benefits.
    It’s new, it’s labor-intensive, and it’s a fast growing industry. On average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.
  • • Stable Energy Prices. The increased energy diversity caused by growing industries like solar force all energy providers to stay competitively priced.

Here’s an example of how solar benefits your community while it’s benefiting you in your home: A basic 3kW solar system would be sufficient to supply 70% of a household’s electricity consumption of 5,600 kWh per year. Getting 5,600 kWh from solar energy would be equivalent to:

• 6,000 lbs. less in carbon emissions
• Planting trees on half an acre
• Not driving your car for 7,500 miles