Drive On Solar

Charging an electric car with solar power.Automobile makers estimate that on the average, a tank of gas costing $30 dollars or more is decreased to under $5 dollars in an electric vehicle. That cost would be even less or nothing if your home’s electricity came from your own solar power system.

Whether you use a level 1 electric vehicle charging station that plugs into a standard home outlet or a hard-wired, stand alone level 2 charger, your solar system can provide the power for it. You can account for your entire vehicle power needs in your discussion with your solar rep, or plan to take advantage of any excess power generated by your home. Ideally, utility credits for solar energy generated during the daytime could offset your car’s charging needs at night!

There are many upsides to integrating your home and car energy needs through solar. For example, being a solar customer with an electric car could also make you eligible for additional savings from your utility company. Talk to your solar rep for experienced help guiding you through available options for your living and driving needs.