Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Solar

Pro and Con lists are a popular tool in the decision making process. Here at California Solar Electric we thought we would try and make a list of our own to try and simplify the process of going solar, spelling out both the advantages and the perceived disadvantages.


Advantagesgoing solar


Free and Unlimited Energy

This may seem obvious, but people often don’t understand how important this advantage actually is. Solar energy is absolutely free and is the most abundant source of energy. It takes less than 10 minutes for light to travel from the sun to us, even though it’s coming from 90 million miles away. Take advantage of this and use as much as you can – we promise it won’t run out.


Solar Jobs

We all know going solar can be good for your personal finances, but take a second and think about how going solar can benefit the economy. The solar industry is actually creating hundreds of thousands of stable jobs. This is because solar is more labor intensive than other industries like fossil fuels. This advantage is pretty straightforward: an industry that creates more jobs and boosts our economy.


Long-Term Savings

Savings, savings, and more savings. This is probably the biggest selling point of going solar. Your ROI makes going solar worth it. Of course, your savings will depend on things like the size of your system or how high your electricity bill is. These are all things we discuss in our Solar Timeline blog post.


going solarDisadvantages


Initial Cost

We aren’t sure if we can confidently call this a disadvantage, but we think it’s important to include nevertheless. Most people who decide to invest in solar are intimidated by the initial costs of the investment. Therefore, this cost can be considered a disadvantage. However, solar companies offer a variety of ways to combat these high costs. If you aren’t ready to purchase your system outright, there are many other options through leases and loans. So this disadvantage is definitely deceiving.


Location and Space

Ideally you want to be located in a place that gets the most sunlight for the majority of the year. You want to maximize your space and fit a large installation on your roof. While these aspects are crucial to the production of your solar installation, solar companies can always help you regardless. If your roof isn’t large enough or doesn’t get enough sunlight, ground installations are possible.



Some argue that solar systems aren’t reliable because it is completely dependent on the sun. While it’s true that your solar installation runs off of the sun’s energy, many don’t understand that solar companies take into consideration fluctuations in temperature, light, and seasonality. In fact, no single season should affect your projected yearly electrical cost savings.


Overall, some may perceive the above as disadvantages but it’s important to remember that choosing the right solar company will actually eliminate them altogether.


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